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T-Shirts & NTS Historical Foundation T-Shirts

T-Shirts Fireball LogoSmall shoulder imprint.  Adult sizes only



not shown


T-Shirts Fireball LogoLarge Front Imprint

ntshfbiglogo.gif (21851 bytes)


T-Shirts Fireball LogoLarge back imprint with front pocket

not shown


T-Shirts PRICILLA Shot Logo


shirtpricilla.jpg (57751 bytes)


T-Shirts GRABLE Shot Logo


shirtgrable.jpg (45786 bytes)


T-Shirts NTS Historical FoundationNevada and NTS outline-small should ntsnvsmllogo.gif (25358 bytes)


T-Shirts Nevada and NTS OutlineLarge imprint on back and front pocket not shown


T-Shirts Operation Upshot/Knothole (ANNIE) – (Colors: Grey, White, Black) shirtannie.jpg (41697 bytes)


NTS Sweatshirts-Grey w/50year logo.

not shown


Belt Buckles
NTS Mercury Brass not shown


NTSHF – 50 Year – Brass beltnts50.jpg (59711 bytes)


NTSHF-j 50th Year - Silver not shown


Fireball Logo photo1.gif (194832 bytes)


NV and NTS Outline Imprint ntsnvcap.gif (16996 bytes)


Earrings Fat Man/Little Boy (Sterling Silver) earrings.jpg (22187 bytes)


Key Chains
B-29 keyb29.jpg (52189 bytes)


Fat Man or Little Boy keyfatman.jpg (45157 bytes)  keylittleboy.jpg (26636 bytes)


50th Anniversary not shown


Mouse Pads
Railroad Bridge/Frenchman Flat  mouseRail.jpg (52757 bytes)


BADGER Atmospheric Tower Shot mouseBadger.jpg (48125 bytes)


SEDAN Crater mouseSedan.jpg (49666 bytes)


Mugs With Logo and Kit Foxes mug.gif (25141 bytes)  mug2.gif (26708 bytes)


Pencils NV and NTS Outline



Pens – Fisher Space Pens – Bullet Type. penspace.jpg (49621 bytes)


Black with 50 year Logo penBullet.jpg (27895 bytes)


Black with logo and clip penEng.jpg (66444 bytes)


NTSHF Pen penntsred.jpg (27430 bytes)


Pins – Lapel Type
Fireball Logo pin.gif (16320 bytes)


Fat Man or Little Boy lapelfatman.jpg (10947 bytes)  lapellittleboy.jpg (10471 bytes)


50th Anniversary lapelnts50.jpg (14138 bytes)


Post Cards
Atomic Cannon postcard.gif (31422 bytes)


 NTS Shots and NTS postcardshots.jpg (58537 bytes)


NTS Wildlife postcardwildlife.jpg (81659 bytes)


SEDAN Crater postcardsedanjpg.jpg (76067 bytes)
Weapons Effect


FILMS by Peter Koran
Trinity and Beyond – 92 min – VHS/DVD trinity.gif (39057 bytes)


The Atomic Filmmakers – 45 min - VHS not shown


Atomic Journey – 52 min – VHS/DVD journey.gif (48047 bytes)


Nukes in Space – 52 min – VHS/DVD nukes.gif (43624 bytes)


Water Bottles Nevada and the NTS Outline bottles.gif (28413 bytes)


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